The company ‘Tehno-al Marinković’ has been producing windows for 15 years and our windows can meet/satisfy all the requirements of our customers:

  • Protection from different weather conditions i.e. from sun, rain, snow, wind ... Windows made in our workshop fulfil this requirement and make it long-term. That is why we are able to offer our customers a multi-year warranty.
  • A wide range of different shapes and colors - in addition to classic rectangular windows, our company offers arched and round windows, as well as sloped windows, etc. Since we own a line for electrostatic powder coating, we are able to make for you windows in the color of your choice. PVC acrylcolor windows or wood décor ones are the perfect choice for those who want their windows to be different from others, while maintaining the characteristics of classical PVC windows.
  • Easy maintenance - besides being resistant to different weather conditions, our windows are easy to maintain because they can be cleaned with ordinary cleaning substances and thus save your time and money.
  • Insulation – installation of our PVC or aluminum thermal-break windows with appropriate insulation glass can significantly increase the thermal insulation and thus save energy in the living or workspace. These windows have shown excellent performance in terms of protection from noise, because the installation of double-layer glass windows can reduce noise 8 to 10 times, which is very important if you live or work in a busy street or the environment with a lot of noise.