If you are considering various facades for your business building, we offer you structural or semi-structural aluminum facades made of profiles produced by the Greek company ‘Alumil’.

The main difference between these two types of facades is that in structural façades aluminium is not visible, or more precisely, only the glass surfaces are visible. Our semi-structural and structural facades are characterized by high level of protection from weather conditions, excellent sealing, high level of thermal insulation and noise protection, the option of installing insulation glass up to 50mm wide.

Besides structural and semi-structural façades, we also make Alubond facades. Alubond panels are made by bonding two aluminum sheets with polyurethane foam which results in a high coefficient of thermal and sound insulation. Its main advantage is the ease of processing as the primary panels can be bent into boxes/coffers??? whose dimensions fully meet the requirements of the building. Due to their characteristics, they are widely used not only for facades, but also for stands, billboards, traffic signs, interior decoration and so on. There is a choice between several colors: Metallic, Solid, Granite, Veneer and Arctic Ice.