Besides being an ornament of every house, the front door is also the most exploited element in any building because of the fact that we open and close it frequently.

It is therefore of utmost importance to have it made of high-quality profiles with high-quality hardware in order to make it durable and to ensure the necessary security to your home.
The company ‘Tehno-al Marinković’ Ltd. manufactures aluminium and PVC doors using top-quality profiles and installing high quality German door finish hardware in them, thus ensuring safety, security and durability. The company offers you a choice of single and double doors, doors with fixed parts, doors that can be opened inwards or outwards. If you want a modern door in the color that will make your home different from others, we offer you PVC Acrylcolor doors or powder coated aluminum doors in the color of your choice. If you like traditional wooden doors, PVC doors with wood décor foil are the right choice for you. Combining colors, shapes, types of glass and decorations we can make any panel you want.

Besides front doors we also produce:

  • Sliding doors made of aluminum and PVC with glass or sandwich panel fillings that can be used for the partitioning of balconies, interior rooms, restaurants, pools, greenhouses, etc. These doors are practical because they save space.
  • Folding doors are usually made of aluminum with or without thermal break. They are used for partitioning shop windows, halls, restaurants, cafes, garages and other facilities where it is necessary to close a large area and to save space by opening the door.


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