The company “Tehno-al Marinkovic" is an importer of PVC profiles produced by the German company “Gealan" which is the world leader in the production of PVC profiles for windows, doors and shutters..

The profiles made in this company stand out because they can meet all the requirements of quality, design, functionality, stability, ease of maintenance and durability. Also, the profiles can be recycled, which means that they meet all the environmental requirements, too.

We can offer you several series of PVC profiles to choose from:


Premium six-chamber PVC profile, 83mm wide frame, insulation coefficient k = 1.1 W/m2K, sound isolation with classic thermo glass (package of 4 +16 +4 mm) Rw, p = 34dB is a good choice for those who want joinery that will provide good thermal insulation. Steel reinforcement, the thickness of which is 1.5 mm, provides it with great stability, thus making it suitable for the manufacturing of larger items. Also, there is a possibility of various combinations of flat and round profiles, so that this profile can meet different aesthetic requirements.


This six-chamber PVC profile with 83mm wide frame, 1.5 mm thick steel reinforcement, thermal insulation coefficient k = 1.0 W/m2K, sound isolation with classic thermo glass (package 4 + 16 + 4 mm) Rw, p = 34dB, also has the third gasket. This means that this profile is intended for windows and doors with strong thermal-insulating properties as it generates large savings of energy that is otherwise lost as heat loss through windows and doors. Windows made of S7000IQ profile series meet all the requirements in terms of design: harmonious proportions, delicate features, small apparent width and glossy surfaces.

GECCO ventilation systems

To ensure the ventilation of your home in winter time or in an environment where there is a lot of noise, Gealan has developed a special system for ventilation “Gecco 3” which can be installed in the sash and is used for automatic regulation of ventilation. The system works in such a way that a flap opens so that air flows freely and enters the room, while during wind gusts the flap closes automatically. This mechanism minimizes energy loss.
Ventilation system Gecco 4 is more sophisticated than Gecco 3 because it contains a pollen filter and a mesh as insect shield. Also, sound insulation and protection from rain add-ons can be installed.

Acrylcolor profiles

If you want windows that will be eye-catching while at the same time functional and with all the characteristics of standard PVC profiles, then the window frames with acrylcolor are the right choice for you. For more than 20 years “Gealan” has been coextruding profiles. That is the process used to fuse the white PVC base with a layer of acrylic blends of colored glass in one product.

Windows made with acrylcolor are characterized by color consistency achieved through coextrusion. They are easy for maintenance because they can be cleaned using simple cleaning agents, and they are resistant to scratches and weather conditions.

Gealan offers 12 standard acrylcolor tones from white to silver.

Wood decor windows

They are suitable for those who want a classic look of wooden windows with modern PVC characteristics. Owing to modern technology, Gealan company is able to offer a variety of color combinations. Wood décor profiles are produced by applying decorative wood colored foil to the PVC profile whether the profile is flat or round.

There may be various combinations of acrylcolor, wood décor surfaces and one-sided foil.


IKD is the technology that provides additional thermal insulation to the window itself owing to the profiles whose main chamber is filled with special insulating foam. IKD are actually window profiles with foam filling inside the main chamber which yields excellent insulating properties of the windows and significant saving of energy needed for heating or cooling. With STV technology of glass fixation additional steel stiffeners in the main chamber are not needed any more. Instead, the chamber is filled with insulating foam and that is how IKD profile is obtained.

The advantages of IKD windows:

  • Superb thermal insulation: Since there is no steel reinforcement within the main chamber, the insulating foam provides additional thermal insulation of the window, reducing the thermal insulation coefficient/ heat conductivity coefficient I from Uw=0.6W/m2K (with triple glass Uw=0.4W/m2K).
  • Ecologically acceptable and 100% recyclable: Windows made with IKD profiles are 100% recyclable because the insulating foam simply falls off the profile so that it can be completely recycled. Another reason why they are ecologically acceptable is the fact that they show really good results when it comes to thermal energy savings.