The company ‘Tehno-al Marinković ‘ Ltd. also has a workshop for glass processing where various types of glass are cut and thermal glass is made to meet the needs and wishes of our customers.

We offer the following:

  • Thermo-float glass - which is produced by merging two panes of float extra clear glass, putting the fitting strip between them and sealing it with suitable organic glue i.e. gasket. The float glass we use is produced by ‘Glaverbel’ company and we possess the appropriate certificate for making it.
  • Stopsol glass - reflective glass that has a mirror-effect on the outside is perfect for those who want more privacy in their home or workplace. There is a choice between brown, blue, green or gray color.
  • Parsol glass is the glass which gets color added in the process of production. Because of its ability to absorb heat and energy it is widely used in car industry and furniture production. There is a choice between brown, blue, gray and green color.
  • Sandblasted glass - sandblasting is the process of applying abrasive to float glass under high pressure. That way the whole pane of glass can be processed or only a part of it and various patterns can be made, thus producing some really original glass.
  • Laminated glass (pamplex glass) – a type of safety glass which is produced by bonding two panes of glass together with PVB (polyvinyl-butyrial) foil which prevents the glass from breaking apart when shattered. This type of glass is primarily used for making car windshields. Due to its characteristics this glass is widely used in building construction. It is used for making balustrades, shop windows, conservatories, canopies, glass roofs, glass staircases, facades, etc. There are various types of glass thickness: pamplex 3.3.1, pamplex 4.4.1, pamplex 5.51, etc.
  • Decorative glass – patterned glass that can adorn your doors or other surfaces with its design. This glass can have a pattern on one or both sides. The most popular types of this glass are the Flutes, the Cathedral, Chinchilla, Bamboo, Delta and others.
  • Low-E (low-emissivity) glass – the company ‘Tehno-al Marinković’ Ltd. has specialized in the production of insulating glass using ClimaGuard Solar glass and is certified for its production. Since glass covers the largest part of a window, in order to ensure the best possible thermal insulation you can get, it is important to have not only a top-quality profile but also a type of glass with high level of thermal insulation.

In the summer, sun rays heat the glass in the windows thus increasing the temperature in the room because classic glass transmits 80% of that heat. ClimaGuard Solar glass transmits only 42% of the total solar energy which reduces the heat transfer within the glass and provides a pleasant atmosphere in the room. Also, owing to the soft film that the glass is coated in, there is no heat loss from the room in winter. By installing ClimaGuard Solar glass you save energy and reduce electricity costs. This way an average household can save up to a several hundred Euros a year.

But that is not all – by installing ClimaGuard Solar glass you do not only save money but also help protect the environment.