For the production of our aluminium joinery we use the profiles produced by the Greek company ‘Alumil’ which is one of the most important suppliers of aluminum profiles in Europe.

All the products of this company are certified by the internationally recognized German Institute IFT Rosenheim. “Alumil” offers a variety of profile systems that are suitable for the production of windows, doors, shutters, facades and for many other uses in construction.

M 940 Mini

This most light weight system of aluminum profiles without thermal break is suitable for the production of internal doors, internal partitions as well as balconies that are not heated. Frame width is 37mm; sash width 44mm, maximum glazing thickness 26mm. Supports all types of tilt-turn systems. Can be combined with sliding system M 900 Aero

M 900 Aero

M 900 is the smallest and lightest sliding system without thermal break that can be used for partitioning interior rooms, shower cubicles, balconies that are not heated in winter, as well as in all other cases when you need to save space. Its sash is 28mm wide and its maximum glazing thickness is 19mm. It is suitable for the production of small and medium size openings/items (height up to 240cm, sash width up to 100cm).

M 9400 Softline Plus

This system of profiles without thermal break is characterised by a rounded exterior and is used for making shop windows, windows, doors and other joinery in which thermal insulation is not crucial. Sash width is 52mm; frame width is 45mm; maximum glazing is 32mm, and the maximum bearing capacity is up to 130kg per sash.

M 11000 Alutherm Plus

This system of aluminium profiles with thermal break, is suitable for making doors, windows, shop windows, balconies and other joinery where thermal insulation, impermeability and safety are of great importance. Sash width is 70mm, frame width is 62mm, glazing is up to 46mm or 130kg per sash. It is compatible with the systems of profiles for building facades.

M 9800 Accordion

This system is used for making accordion doors without thermal break. It is characterised by 50mm sash width, glazing from 24mm up to 32mm, glazing weight up to 125kg per sash.

M 19800 Accordion Alutherm

This thermal-break system that is used for making folding doors, with 50mm sash width, bearing capacity of up to 200kg, with the possibility of glazing of up to 32mm, is the ideal solution for partitioning halls, restaurants, ballrooms, etc..