About us


The company “Tehno-al Marinković" was founded in 1997 as a small workshop where Mr Sasa Marinkovic started the production of aluminum doors and windows/ joinery. Owing to the good quality of products and service, the workshop soon became famous in Jagodina and beyond. Over time, due to the increased number of buyers/customers and thus increased workload, the number of workers also started to grow.

In 2005 the company moved to a newly created hall/building, 1700 m2 in size, and 150 meters far from the highway Belgrade-Nis, and this is where it still is today. The plant consists of a workshop for the production of aluminum and PVC joinery, a workshop for electrostatic metal powder coating and a workshop for glass processing, and it is equipped with modern machines for processing PVC and aluminium profiles manufactured by URBAN and ELUMATEC.

Today, the company “Techno-al Marinković" is the enterprise with over 30 employees, and it continues to grow and develop each day.


  • Our mission is to make a strong and competitive company that will provide benefits for all stakeholders:
  • End user – by providing a high-quality product at a reasonable price
  • Business partners - by fostering good and fair business relations
  • Employees - by creating a work environment where each employee will be motivated to do their best
  • Owner – by increasing the business and profits
  • Society – by saving energy and protecting the environment


You can Trust Us. See What We Have Done:

Dabar d.o.o. Jagodina
Student Residence Hall in Jagodina
Old People’s Home in Jagodina
Municipal Court in Rekovac
Municipal Court in Despotovac
Zoran Reisen d.o.o.
 Administrative Department of Jagodina Municipality
“17 October” Primary School in Jagodina
JP EPS Electrical Power Distribution Company in Jagodina
“Hero Rosa Trifunovic” Primary School in Aleksandrovac
“Lola” Foundry P.O.M. d.o.o. Belgrade
”Aqua Trade” d.o.o. in Jagodina
”Ralex” d.o.o. in Jagodina
Medical Centre in Jagodina
”Palma Plus” TV Company in Jagodina
”Milan Mijalkovic” Primary School in Jagodina
Football Association of Pomoravlje Region
Commercial Banka in Jagodina
“Kalenic” Open-Air Museum
“Standard” JP in Jagodina
“Vuk Karadzic” Cultural Centre in Belgrade
“Aura” Residential and Business Buildings in Jagodina
“Pikante” Residential and Business Buildings in Jagodina
“Winners Products” d.o.o. in Jagodina
“Costa Coffee” in Jagodina
“Heart” STUR in Jagodina
“Kafe Amsterdam” UR in Jagodina
“Slavka Djurdjevic” Secondary Vocational School
“Morava” Trade Company A.D. in Jagodina
“Romansa” SUR in Jagodina
“Jela” d.o.o. in Jagodina
“Alfa” d.o.o. in Jagodina
“Star Panda” in Jagodina

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